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As Lazarus (inset), leader of the righteous Angels & the evil shape-shifter Othin in "6 Angels."

Portraying brilliant counterfeiter, Louis Colavecchio, in the TV series "Breaking Vegas."

The kidnapper Petrone in "Birthright."

As Attorney Donlan in "Hunting in America." Winner of Boston's 2004 Roxbury International Film Festival.

Jim is living a dream - literally, in the film "Amnesia."

Fierro plays a "Tony Soprano" type in a commercial for Andalusia Olive Oil based on characters from "The Sopranos." The spot was well known Fierro's famous tag line - "Are you wearing a wire?" See it now at YouTube.com/AngeloFierroTV .


Gangster John Knight takes on his boss in the film "Final Engagement."

As chef Ferulio in the Italian comedy "IL Bocconcino." Premiered at the 2002 Food On Film Festival, in Bra, Italy.

A prison guard with a price on TV's "America's Most Wanted."

John the maintenance man, aka the intruder, in the TV show "Intruder."

A not so helpless "Fats" from the film "Mutual Admiration Society." Wins Director's Trophy at UC Davis' 2002 International Independent Film Festival & Best Editing at Pennsylvania's 2002 Festival Of The Macabre.

Fierro plays a wacky ear surgeon in a funny commercial for the MTV tr3s Network. See it now at YouTube.com/AngeloFierroTV .


Discussing film on TV Talk show "Sounds Good."

Portraying Kassim Abdool on TV's "The Michael Jackson Trial."

A government agent tired of excuses in the movie "Feeding The Masses."

An old-world style hitman in "Bedfellows."

A captive, yet unyielding Pedro in "Prisoner's Dilemma." Wins 2nd Place for Best Film at Miami's 2002 Canes Film Festival & earns Fierro a Best Actor nomination.

Reed is losing more than a partner in "Zombie Unit." Wins Best Film in category at the 2003 Made In Miami Film Festival.