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Behind The Scenes

On location in Miami with the movie "Pretty Boy." Premiered at the 2004 Miami International Film Festival, winning Best Film in its category.

Waiting for the call to action on the TV series "Ocean Ave."

Inside the sound booth, redoing dialog with sound issues.

Studying the points of action on the film "Beginings."


On location in Nevada with the History Channel TV series "Breaking Vegas."

Having a laugh with a very bloodied director on "The Execution of a Man."

Shooting a scene from the movie "Vale Tudo Project."

Filming a scene in green screen; replicating a realistic background behind the actors on "Zombie Unit."

Split screen of a rehearsal and action on a closed downtown street, during the filming of a "Miami Heat" commercial. See it now at
YouTube.com/AngeloFierroTV .


Fierro is wrapped on the set of E!'s "The Michael Jackson Trial" in Los Angeles.

Choreographing an action sequence on the set of "Everyman's Story."

On the very strange set of the hilarious "The Glass Eye." Raw meat, bones and a real corpse; well - an undead actor.

At the end of a day's shooting as the crew breaks down on "Off the Chain." Wins Audience Favorite Feature Film at it's premier at the Palm Beach International Film Festival. 

The actors hang in there after 7 takes of running down a hill.